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Fake nails finished nail patch

Fake nails finished nail patch

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Product Information:

  • Nail Products Category: This product is categorized under Nail Tools, indicating its utility for nail care or beautification purposes.
  • Cosmetic Features: The product highlights its use effect, suggesting that it offers a particular outcome or benefit when applied to the nails.
  • Pack Contents: Each pack contains 24 fake nails, providing users with a sufficient quantity for a full nail application. Additionally, it includes a double-sided jelly sticker, which is likely used for adhering the fake nails to the natural nails securely.


  • Versatility: As part of the Nail Tools category, this product is designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of nails. It offers versatility in terms of style and design, allowing users to achieve various nail looks.
  • Use Effect: While the specific use effect is not detailed, it can be inferred that the product aims to provide a desirable outcome when applied to the nails. This may include features such as durability, comfort, or ease of application.
  • Packaging: Each pack is conveniently packaged with all the necessary components for applying fake nails. The inclusion of a double-sided jelly sticker ensures a hassle-free application process.

In summary, this product is a set of 24 fake nails accompanied by a double-sided jelly sticker. Categorized under Nail Tools, it offers a versatile solution for nail enhancement and beautification, with a focus on providing a desirable use effect.

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