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Complete Manicure with Artificial Nails

Complete Manicure with Artificial Nails

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Product Information:

  • Whether to Import: No, indicating that the product is not imported but likely domestically manufactured.
  • Size: The set contains 24 pieces of nail tools.
  • Net Content: The total weight of the product is approximately 27 grams.
  • Nail Products Category: Classified as Nail Tools, suggesting its utility for nail care or beautification.
  • Color: Described as "256-Matte Red Medium Length," indicating the specific color and length of the nails.
  • Cosmetic Characteristics: Highlighted as "Use Effect," suggesting that the product provides a specific outcome or benefit when applied.
  • Specification Type: Categorized as normal specification, implying adherence to standard industry norms and sizes.


  • Domestic Production: The product is domestically manufactured, ensuring quality control and adherence to local standards.
  • Quantity: With 24 pieces included, this set offers ample tools for various nail care or beautification needs.
  • Weight: Weighing approximately 27 grams, this set is lightweight and convenient for transportation or storage.
  • Color and Length: The nails are characterized by a matte red color in a medium length, providing a stylish and trendy look.
  • Cosmetic Effect: While not explicitly specified, the product is expected to offer a desired effect when applied to the nails, enhancing their appearance or condition.
  • Standard Specification: Designed according to normal specifications, ensuring compatibility with standard nail sizes and industry norms.

In summary, the "256-Matte Red Medium Length" nail tools set consists of 24 pieces of domestically manufactured nails, with a total weight of approximately 27 grams. Categorized under Nail Tools, these nails feature a matte red color and medium length, offering a stylish and trendy option for nail enhancement.

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