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Adjustable Forearm and Wrist Grip Strengthener

Adjustable Forearm and Wrist Grip Strengthener

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Product Overview:

Elevate your fitness routine with our Hand Grip Exerciser, a lightweight and portable solution for enhancing strength, flexibility, and balance. Perfect for complementing various workout programs, this exerciser aids in improving motion resilience and overall fitness levels. Its adjustable pull handle accommodates different hand and arm sizes for personalized training sessions.

Product Description:

Enhance your wrist and arm strength with our Exercise Wrist Force Adjustable Defender. Crafted with attention to detail, this training equipment is designed to optimize your fitness journey:
- Foam Padding: Features thick foam padding for enhanced comfort and wrist protection during exercises.
- High-Density Webbing: Constructed with rugged, rupture-resistant webbing that allows for easy adjustment and durability.
- Quality Materials: Utilizes high-quality spring steel and ABS plastic for superior performance and longevity.
- Non-Slip Design: Equipped with high-elasticity, non-slip sponge grips for a secure and comfortable hold during workouts.

Product Information:

Name: Wrist Training Device
Weight: 440g
Material: Spring Foam Nylon Fiber
Spring: Manganese Steel
Function: Targets front palm muscles, forearm flexor muscles, and forearm muscles

Package Content:

1 x Hand Grip Exerciser

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