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Light khaki smudge false nails

Light khaki smudge false nails

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Product Information:

  • Size: The set contains 24 pieces of false nails.
  • Net Content: The total weight of the product is approximately 27 grams.
  • Nail Products Category: Categorized as Nail Tools, indicating its purpose related to nail care or beautification.
  • Color and Style: The false nails are described as "Light Khaki Smudge," suggesting a light khaki color with a smudged or blended effect.


  • Quantity: With 24 pieces included, this set provides enough false nails for multiple applications or replacements.
  • Net Content: Weighing around 27 grams in total, this set is lightweight and portable, suitable for travel or on-the-go nail care.
  • Category: As part of the Nail Tools category, these false nails are designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of nails.
  • Color and Style: The light khaki smudge design offers a unique and trendy look, adding a touch of sophistication to your nails.
  • Versatility: These false nails can be used for various occasions, whether for everyday wear or special events, adding versatility to your nail art collection.

In summary, the "Light Khaki Smudge False Nails" set consists of 24 pieces of false nails with a weight of approximately 27 grams. Categorized under Nail Tools, these false nails offer a unique color and style option, providing versatility and sophistication to your nail art repertoire.

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