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Wall-Mounted Matte Black Aluminium Towel Rack with 50CM Folding Holder and Hook

Wall-Mounted Matte Black Aluminium Towel Rack with 50CM Folding Holder and Hook

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The "Wall-Mounted Matte Black Aluminum Towel Rack with 50CM Folding Holder and Hook" is a versatile and functional bathroom accessory designed to provide convenient towel storage while also saving space. Let's break down the description in detail:

  1. Wall-Mounted: This towel rack is designed to be installed on the wall. Wall-mounted fixtures are a common choice in bathrooms as they maximize floor space and keep towels within easy reach.

  2. Matte Black Finish: The towel rack has a matte black finish, which not only adds a modern and stylish touch to your bathroom decor but also provides a sleek and elegant appearance.

  3. Aluminum Construction: The rack is made of aluminum, a lightweight and durable material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum is an excellent choice for bathroom accessories as it can withstand the moisture-rich environment.

  4. Towel Rack: The primary function of this accessory is to hold towels. It features a horizontal bar or rack where you can neatly hang and store towels. This promotes air circulation, allowing towels to dry efficiently.

  5. 50CM Folding Holder: The towel rack includes a folding holder that extends 50 centimeters (approximately 19.7 inches) from the wall when in use. This extended length provides ample space for hanging multiple towels or larger bath linens.

  6. Hook: In addition to the main towel rack, there is a hook incorporated into the design. This hook can be used to hang items like bathrobes or additional towels, increasing the overall storage capacity and functionality of the rack.

  7. Space-Saving Design: The folding feature allows you to collapse the holder against the wall when not in use. This space-saving design is especially practical for bathrooms with limited space.

In summary, the "Wall-Mounted Matte Black Aluminum Towel Rack with 50CM Folding Holder and Hook" is a stylish and durable bathroom accessory made of aluminum. It offers a convenient solution for towel storage with its towel rack and additional hook. The folding holder maximizes space efficiency, making it an excellent addition to any bathroom where both style and practicality are valued.

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Allene Howell

Everything is good. Delivery shwidka. Garna police. A trick for a dot. It's light. I was covered with three, from B by 10 cm more, I would like that. Ale all one, Garna. Raju!

Lesley Jast

The shelf is super, ordered by fast delivery, came to the mistexpress, for the price excellent quality. Waited in Kiev up to 2 weeks

Henry Reichert

Product compatible with the advertised, and although fragile, is visually elegant. Came with slight empene.

Janiya Emard

very nice and nicely priced thanks

Brianne Murray

Awesome very good quality and good finishes, easy to put